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5 ways to work together with your partner :: Michael Grose


It takes two to make a child, but so often the partnership finishes when a child comes into the world one person shoulders most of the parenting load. The joy of parenting is often overtaken by tension as parenting tasks aren’t shared and different ideas about raising kids lead to conflict. Nothing wrong with tension [ Read More ]

5 Little-Known Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes


By FiveHive Community Member Carol Montrose from tshirtprinting.net Anyone who is interested in purchasing organic clothing for their baby likely has a good idea of some of the benefits offered by this option.  For one thing, you know that these textiles are better for the environment since the fibers are grown sans chemical fertilizers and [ Read More ]

5 Tips for Decorating Your Child’s Room

A telephone and several cushions are kept on the bed in a cozy bedroom

by FiveHive Community Member Travis. Children are capricious little creatures.  Now, while their change of moods can sometimes add to their charm in a multitude of ways, it can also make things like decorating their rooms a near impossibility. Spending a week “teletubby-ing” a room, only to turn around and find that Spiderman is now [ Read More ]

5 Mobile Phone Faux Pas


Everyone talks about road rage, but have you heard about the latest type of rage that is frustrating the proverbial out of everyone?? Sure you have, you’ve probably been a victim….or have you been a perpetrator!!! Since mobile phones and smart phones became the “norm” in everyday communication it seems the etiquette we grew up [ Read More ]

5 Great Sleep Habits for Kids :: Michael Grose


Many kids today are sleep deprived. Teenagers, in particular, don’t get enough sleep. They need between nine and 10 hours sleep each night, yet most get about seven or eight hours sleep. Some get less. Not getting enough sleep leads to sleep deprivation, which is akin to jet lag, where kids don’t function at their [ Read More ]

5 Ways to Hire DVD’s and Movies


I wonder when stores will actually change their names from anything with video in the title to something more up to date. Some of these organisations are under threat of extinction due to the ability to hire current DVD’s or down load movies on line. Here are some of my favourites for getting cheap – [ Read More ]

5 Unconventional Uses For Vinegar


5 Unconventional Uses For Vinegar by FiveHiver Maria Rainier Vinegar is a product that can be found in most kitchens. In cooking, it’s been used for flavoring and meat tenderizing for hundreds of years. Here are five examples of ways to use vinegar that go beyond salad dressing and seasoning. 1. As a Home Remedy [ Read More ]

Five things to do when things go wrong at school


Despite best teaching practice things do go wrong at school. Most kids experience learning difficulties from time to time. The developmental nature of childhood means that there will always be some turbulence, particularly around key transition ages, such as the start of adolescence. Your approach as a parent when your child has difficulty at school [ Read More ]

5 Ways to Manage High-Maintenance Kids :: Michael Grose


High maintenance kids are demanding, exasperating and exhausting. They can be tearful, self-indulgent, argumentative, bossy and just plain stubborn. High maintenance kids always want more – more possessions, more of your attention and more of your time. They never have enough of these commodities. Spend all day with a high maintenance child and they wonder [ Read More ]

5 Things You Can Do with Your Old Computer


If your computer still works but you have updated you might want to look at charities or learning centres near you to see if they are interested. Or you could try Wesley Central Mission accept donations of working computers http://www.wesleymission.org.au/Centres/wesleyerecycling/donate.asp Clean Up Australia have a list of organisations who take computers for recycling or dismantling [ Read More ]

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