5 Tips for Preparing Your Child to Start School


Preparing your child for the big step from preschool to primary school can be quite daunting – for child and parent alike!  It’s a fine line between ensuring they are prepared for what is to come (longer days, needing to be more independent etc) and overwhelming and potentially scaring them about “big school”. DO be [ Read More ]

5 Ways to Green Up Your Household


Switch to water saving shower heads: By simply switching your shower head to a water saving model you can instantly drop your water usage by up to 30%.  You’ll find them in hardware stores (i.e. Bunnings).  It’s also worth checking with your local water authority, as some authorities sometimes offer free water-saving shower heads in [ Read More ]

5 Smart Ways To Save Money On Food When Eating Out With Your Kids

Chef Working in Restaurant Kitchen

Those of you who have kids know just how much they cost you in food. This is especially true if you like to eat out. “I want an ice cream”, they may say just before dinner. Once the ice cream is eaten and digested, it’s french fries they shout for. Not only are these food [ Read More ]

5 Stain Busting Tricks

Cleaning Supplies

I’m always amazed at the number of stains that my children manage to get on their clothing, even when they’re doing the most placid and mess-free activities.  Seriously – it’s like they’re a magnet for mess! I’ve had to become quite savvy at removing stains and I have a few tricks up my sleeve I [ Read More ]

5 Tips for Breaking Your Swearing Habit

Attractive Woman with Her Books

You’re out in the car and some moron driving while talking on a mobile phone pulls out in front of you and cuts you off – you react by dropping a few choice words and then realise Mr 6 is in the back seat looking at you curiously…  Oops! While we try to be mindful [ Read More ]

5 ways to save money on a car

Car Salesman and a Customer

A guest post from FiveHive community member Raymond Buying a car is fraught with pitfalls that can make the experience very expensive. But there are a number of moves you can make to save money on your next automotive purchase. You do want your wallet to be fat and happy, don’t you? 1.  Finance Before [ Read More ]

5 Ways to Save Money on School Supplies

Full Backpack

Uniform, sports clothes, shoes, hats, stationery – once you have children at school you can find that you’re up for a fortune in extra costs, but there are a few ways that you can keep these to a minimum: 1. Label EVERYTHING: Kids are great at managing to lose their belongings into thin air.  Make [ Read More ]

Five Great Storage Ideas

worn white cardboard box isolated on white background..

Toys all over the floor.  Pencils and crayons all over the table.  Clothes hanging all over the place.  Junk on every surface.  This is what happens to our homes when we have children! One of my favourite stores at the moment is Store (just ask  hubby – I have a slight *ahem* problem) and I’m [ Read More ]

5 Tips for a Successful Family Business


A guest post by FiveHive community member Amanda Kidd Family businesses accounts for more than 50 percent of the US gross domestic product. This is a testimony to the kind of power and influence family businesses enjoy all over the world. On the one hand, family business is a synonym for trust and security. A [ Read More ]

5 Great Cloud Apps for Busy Parents

White Clouds in Blue Sky

You hear it referred to everywhere, “Cloud Computing” – but what on earth are they talking about? Basically, it’s internet based computing which means that you have no software to install, infrastructure to maintain and you can have access to your documents, files, emails, etc from wherever you happen to be (provided you have access [ Read More ]

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