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Michael Grose has been helping parents raise kids for nearly two decades. You may know Michael’s work through his eight books or his Body & Soul articles. Perhaps you’ve heard him commenting about family matters on radio or seen him one of his regular parenting segments on the Today Show on Channel 9.

Michael is the founder of Parentingideas, dedicated to giving parents the skills & know-how to raise kids with confidence, character and resilience. Get your free Chores & Responsibilities Guide when you subscribe to Happy Kids, his popular weekly newsletter at www.parentingideas.com.au .

FiveHive Question and Answer:

  • When Michael was little he wanted to be a footballer.
  • His favourite Ice cream flavour is mango.
  • The first album he ever got was the Beatle ‘White Album’

Michael's FiveHive Articles

Is your teenager sleep deprived? 5 Good sleep habits


Many teenagers today are sleep deprived because they don’t get enough sleep. They need between nine and 10 hours sleep each night, yet most get about seven or eight hours sleep. Some get less. Sleep deprivation is akin to jet lag, where they don’t function at their optimum. The sleep-wake cycle for teenagers is delayed [ Read More ]

5 ways to work together with your partner :: Michael Grose


It takes two to make a child, but so often the partnership finishes when a child comes into the world one person shoulders most of the parenting load. The joy of parenting is often overtaken by tension as parenting tasks aren’t shared and different ideas about raising kids lead to conflict. Nothing wrong with tension [ Read More ]

5 Great Sleep Habits for Kids :: Michael Grose


Many kids today are sleep deprived. Teenagers, in particular, don’t get enough sleep. They need between nine and 10 hours sleep each night, yet most get about seven or eight hours sleep. Some get less. Not getting enough sleep leads to sleep deprivation, which is akin to jet lag, where kids don’t function at their [ Read More ]

Five things to do when things go wrong at school


Despite best teaching practice things do go wrong at school. Most kids experience learning difficulties from time to time. The developmental nature of childhood means that there will always be some turbulence, particularly around key transition ages, such as the start of adolescence. Your approach as a parent when your child has difficulty at school [ Read More ]

5 Ways to Manage High-Maintenance Kids :: Michael Grose


High maintenance kids are demanding, exasperating and exhausting. They can be tearful, self-indulgent, argumentative, bossy and just plain stubborn. High maintenance kids always want more – more possessions, more of your attention and more of your time. They never have enough of these commodities. Spend all day with a high maintenance child and they wonder [ Read More ]

5 ways to help your young person use Facebook wisely


The new question in town is at  what age should be child get a Facebook page. Well, that’s for you to figure out (although Facebook requires its users to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account). But regardless of the age they begin as a parent it’s your job to [ Read More ]

Five ways to handle a tantrum :: by Michael Grose


Tantrums come in various guises and have various names including wobblies, tanties and hissy fits to name a few.  They can be loud and noisy with lots of shouting and yelling. They can be quite physical when doors are slammed and objects thrown. And they can be silent kind that involves sulking, which can be [ Read More ]

Five ways to beat the Bed-time blues


Some children are experts at stretching bedtime out through procrastination and persistent cries of ‘ just five more minutes’. This battle at the end of the day is draining for parents and makes parenting life hard work. You need a plan. It may not always work, but a bed-time plan really helps you win the [ Read More ]

Top Five ways to Hook Kids into Learning

5 Ways to Hook Kids into Learning :: by Michael Grose

Top Five ways to hook kids into learning New research from the Australian Council for Educational Research has found that students hook onto the notion of going to university in primary school. While I’m not advocating that school success necessarily equates to a tertiary education, this study shows how early children establish their own educational [ Read More ]

Michael Grose’s Top 5 Ideas to Handle Swearing Kids

Michael Grose's Top 5 Ideas :: Swearing Kids

“@#=+!” Most parents shudder when they hear their kids swear! “You didn’t you pick up that language from home” is a common response. Well, maybe not, but kids pick up their language from many places, including their peers, the media and in the school-ground. And it’s something parents have to handle at some stage. Children [ Read More ]

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