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Thought I'd write this in the 1st person.. biographies are always written in 3rd person BY the 1st person aren't they!?

I created the character Ms Megabyte as a way of delivering technology help to Australians via TV, radio, magazines and the web from 1999-2005. Mostly on the Today Show back in the Steve and Tracy days (Tracy can be found on Twitter you know!).

Through Ms Megabyte I entered the world of Professional Speaking and joined the National Speakers Association of which I will be the National President in 2012. I refined my speaking topics for a more corporate market and have been speaking about Creative Thinking - specifically Idea Generation, Evaluation and Implementation for the past 6 years.

I invented www.ideaswhileyousleep.com which is an overnight brainstorming service.

Like most mums, I've searched for something else to add to the repertoire that would have me travelling less in order to make-home more. So FiveHive was born. A bustling little hive of information for people like me. And you.

Yvonne's FiveHive Articles

5 Best Children’s Party Games


I dread the terms ‘Duck Duck Goose’ and ‘Hopscotch’ because I can never remember the proper method or order of events. I was chatting with some mums about this recently and we got into a heated debate about whether you had to do a 180 degree turn at the end of the Hopscotch track and [ Read More ]

Mum: Why Don’t You Like Having Fun?

60kms of beach patrolled by 38 lifeguard stations

On our recent holiday, my little guy (8) said: ‘Mum, Why don’t you like having any fun?’ Horrified, I replied: ‘WTF!’ No – really, I replied: ‘Of course I love having fun, mate …. why do you say that?’. He replied: ‘Because you never go into the water’. This opened a floodgate of thoughts for [ Read More ]

5 Ways to Make Sure the Dog Gets a Walk

The local dog park (taken with my iPhone)

Weird article topic at first glance, no? I know FO’ SHIZ (completely age inappropriate choice of urban slang for ‘for sure’ but I love it anyway) that any work-from-home mum with a dog can relate. Is there a word we can invent for work-at-home mums? WORMS? WOMUMS? WAHMS? Let’s settle for: BUSY. Each day I [ Read More ]

5 Dirty Little Secrets – IKEA edition


Lover or hater? I’ve never met anyone who said ‘take it or leave it’ when it comes to IKEA. Either you L.O.V.E. it (plan ahead, research online, use the 3d planning tool, save up) or you H.A.T.E. it (wait for other people to go, put your order in, beg hubby to go instead of you [ Read More ]

The Family Happy Place


May I assume correctly that all families have their ‘happy place’? A place they can go that really levels the family, ‘cleanses the palette’, gets everyone back to ground zero? It may be your favourite beach spot, it might be a song or video. Perhaps it’s a craft activity or watching old family movies. Most [ Read More ]

Holiday house?


Many of my Christmases were spent in a coastal Victorian town called Inverloch where my grandparents had a house. My younger brother and sister would cram into one room, with Mum & Dad in another – Nan & Pop in yet another room and often a cousin or auntie on a couch. Pop would, WITHOUT FAIL, [ Read More ]


Clarks Desert Boot

What’s yours? Nicknames, I’ve had a few. I could probably write a song with that title, no? There are nicknames we like, love and loathe. Some are lazy nicknames.. Aussies have a particular knack of adding an ‘o’ or ‘ie’ to the end of a name to make it into a nickname: Robbo, Robbie, Rob-star [ Read More ]

Turning a frown upside down

image from coreyfolo.wordpress.com/

One thing most people would probably say about me is that I’m an eternal optimist. I’m always flipping crap into rainbows. I don’t quite know why – I have just always had a ‘life’s too short’ ‘glass half full’ practical, get-out-of-your-own-way mentality. I understand this can be super frustrating for some of my friends. In [ Read More ]

5 Ways to Survive being a stay-at-home parent


1) Days are a product of your invention And inventions are completely legitimate. Fill your diary, make work for yourself – even if it’s just a simple outing. 2) Don’t hate on your partner. “You’ve got to laugh … or you’ll end up hating the one person who is legally obligated to help you.” 3) [ Read More ]

Balloon Blowout


You will need: a balloon 2 tsp bicarbonate of soda 150ml vinegar a funnel an empty soft drink bottle Instructions: Using the funnel, put the vinegar into the bottle. Again with the funnel, tip the bicarb soda into the balloon Put the balloon on the bottle and shake gently to make sure all of the [ Read More ]

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