5 Quick Tips to Get You Out the Door FAST!

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There’s nothing more hectic than the house of a busy working mother at 7am on a work/school day morning!  Getting everyone showered, dressed, fed, lunches made, bags packed, shoes on and out the door can feel like a marathon some mornings!

Through much trial and error, here are a few tricks that I’ve learnt over the years to make the whole morning process that tad easier (and faster):

What works for us:

  1. Get as much ready the night before as possible. Lay out everybody’s clothes for the next day, prepare lunches and put in fridge, pack school bags (ready for lunches to be added in the morning) and have school shoes ready at the door.
  2. Have a checklist. Include things like brush teeth, wash face, get dressed, put shoes on, get school bag.  Use pictures if your children can’t get read.
  3. Give yourself plenty of time. There’s nothing more stressful than having to rush around yelling at everybody to get ready.  Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to easily do everything that you need to.  Even if this means setting the alarm half an hour earlier – just grin and bear it :-)
  4. Ban morning television. Nothing makes kids get ready slower than the distraction of the television.  Either have a rule that television is not watched of a morning, or at the very least don’t turn it on until they are fully dressed and ready to walk out the door.
  5. Encourage independence. The more your children can do for themselves, the quicker the whole ‘getting ready’ process will be.  Encourage your children to dress themselves, put their dirty clothing in the laundry, make their bed, pack their own bags, put on and tie own shoes etc.

What works for you in the morning?  Do you have any special tricks or tips to getting the family out and ready to go.

  • Annette Sharp

    This subject is close to my heart….it drives me nuts! Here are a few more tips

    1. I put the bags in the car while the kids are getting themselves ready. I find it takes 10 times longer to get kids and bags in, rather than just kids.
    2. Learn how they learn: My 6 year old is a child of routine and habit and really responds to having 5 chores that she knows she has to do day in day out (make her bed, get dressed, have breakfast, brush hair, brush teeth). My 3 year old couldn’t give a toss about chores, habits or routines. She needs cajoling along, like a game rather than the military style of her sister.
    3. If all else fails, walk out the door when you say you are going, get into the car and start it up.  That really freaks them out and they are in the car in a flash. If they go to school with messy hair or unbrushed teeth for a day, so be it. They won’t dawdle for the rest of the week!

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