5 Mobile Phone Faux Pas

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Everyone talks about road rage, but have you heard about the latest type of rage that is frustrating the proverbial out of everyone??

Sure you have, you’ve probably been a victim….or have you been a perpetrator!!!

Since mobile phones and smart phones became the “norm” in everyday communication it seems the etiquette we grew up with has well and truly gone out the window.

Earlier this year, a draft of the National Safety Report was released.  It reported that last financial year 50,000 drivers were fined 11 million dollars for calling, texting, reaching or touching their mobile phone whilst driving.  This is apparently double the number of six years ago.

I know I’ve lost track of the number of times I have been driving and seen someone else talking , with their mobile IN THEIR HAND whilst driving.

So what are some of the common blunders people make and how can we make sure WE don’t commit a mobile phone faux pas??

Faux Pas No 1 - Not switching your phone to silent at the theatre, cinema or worse at a funeral  – don’t laugh, it happened at a recent funeral I went to!

Faux Pas No 2 – Answering your phone in one of the above situations OR when you are in the bathroom – either pretending there is nothing wrong OR saying I am in the bathroom, at the movies etc  Can I call you back – JUST switch the phone to silent and let it go to voicemail – you WILL be able to talk to them later…

Faux Pas No 3 - Being on the phone in shop whilst you are being served.  Shop Assistants regularly get a bad rap from customers because they talk to each other about their weekend whilst serving us, but we do the same by talking on our phones whilst at the checkout. USE basic manners, if the phone rings when you are at the checkout, let it go to voicemail or MOVE out of the queue.

Faux Pas No 4 - Talking when on public transport on in a lift.  I don’t want to hear about the problems you are having with your mother-in-law!  Why do I have to listen to this?  Refer to Blunder 2 for solution

Faux Pas No 5 – Texting whilst walking.  It is pretty hard to explain the broken nose or bruised lip you get when you bump into a lamp post because you were too busy texting..

It has become such a problem that some members of the Australian Retailers Association have gone so far as to put signs up on shop doors asking customers to switch off their mobile phones before coming into stores, or not serving people when they are talking on their phone.

Personally, I am sure I have never committed ANY of these [well perhaps I have been guilty of one or two……OK,   so probably all 5].  Regardless, I think it is about time we started to band together to bring back some good old fashioned basic manners to our lives….now I just have to inform my 16 year old….

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