Pass the Parcel – 5 Ways

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We are reposting this article because it seems the birthday party season is upon us! Every weekend holds a party somewhere at the moment – you too?

Pass the Parcel – 5 Ways

A guest post by Melissa from MJSVirtual

Pass the Parcel has come a long way in recent years and there are now many different forms of the popular party game. While the general principle remains the same – children sit in a circle and take turns to unwrap a layer until one lucky child unwraps the final layer and gets the prize – there are now many different ways to jazz it up and make it even more fun for all involved:

1. Dress Ups.
passtheparcelWrite the name of a dress up item on each layer (things like belts, hats, shoes, gloves, wigs etc). When a layer is unwrapped that person must select that piece of clothing from the pile and put it on before continuing to pass the parcel.

2. Dares.
Write a simple dare on each layer. When a layer is unwrapped that person must carry out the dare. Make dares fun but not embarrassing – things like pulling funny faces, making animal noises, giving everybody a high-five etc.

3. Charades.
Write the name of an animal, cartoon character or famous person on each layer. When a layer is unwrapped that person much act that thing/person out and whoever correctly guesses gets to unwrap the next layer.

4. Trivia.
Write an age appropriate trivia question on each layer. When a layer is unwrapped the person reads out the question and whoever correctly answers the question gets to unwrap the next layer. You could also write questions to match the theme of your party (i.e. animals, music, pirates etc).

5. A Gift for Each.
Hide a small gift in each layer of the parcel so everybody who unwraps a layer gets something. Include things like stickers, balloons and lollies in the outer layers with a more significant item as the last item.

Do you have any to add FiveHive parents?

[Ed: Melissa, this is a glorious post, thank you. Reminds me of a birthday party I hosted when Charlotte turned 6. I decided it was crazy for people to be spending $300 on entertainers every year, so I put on an 'old-fashioned' games party. Egg and spoon races, pass the parcel, pin the tail on the Charlotte, three legged races. BUT I had lots of tears and tantrums from lots of the kids because THEY were not winning the races. The winner would get a small prize and everyone else would fall in a heap. No-one is supposed to try and WIN these days.. that's what we've been drumming in to our kids - 'it's how you play the game that matters'.... so it was a disaster!! I quickly had to find a way to make sure everyone won a little prize, as it obviously wasn't the forum for me to be giving life lessons!!]

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