5 Ways to Manage High-Maintenance Kids :: Michael Grose


High maintenance kids are demanding, exasperating and exhausting. They can be tearful, self-indulgent, argumentative, bossy and just plain stubborn. High maintenance kids always want more – more possessions, more of your attention and more of your time. They never have enough of these commodities. Spend all day with a high maintenance child and they wonder [ Read More ]

5 awesome slowcooker dishes


By FiveHiver Billy Joe Bob 5. Osso Buco This one’s a staple of many people’s reportoires, and has a million different variations. (It means simply “bone with a hole” in Italian) At its most basic, it’s beef or veal shin, slow cooked in red wine and tomatoes. A few simple tricks can make it sensational: [ Read More ]

5 Things You Can Do with Your Old Computer


If your computer still works but you have updated you might want to look at charities or learning centres near you to see if they are interested. Or you could try Wesley Central Mission accept donations of working computers http://www.wesleymission.org.au/Centres/wesleyerecycling/donate.asp Clean Up Australia have a list of organisations who take computers for recycling or dismantling [ Read More ]

5 ways to help your young person use Facebook wisely


The new question in town is at  what age should be child get a Facebook page. Well, that’s for you to figure out (although Facebook requires its users to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account). But regardless of the age they begin as a parent it’s your job to [ Read More ]

5 Ways to Save By Shopping Online


Want to save $$$$ on stuff? I used a range of comparative websites to save over $250 on a reverse cycle air conditioner for our home….what could you save.  Try these sites when you are looking for something special or just a deal for the day www.getprice.com.au www.myshopping.com.au www.shopbot.com.au These 3 sites are great to [ Read More ]

Cucumber – 5 Ways


Reduce swelling around the eyes – puffiness and dark circles can be diminished by relaxing with your eyes closed and cut sections of cucumber resting on your eyes Relax your skin – cucumbers and our skin have the same levels of hydrogen so mashed up cucumber will soothe and soften skin Soothe sun burn – [ Read More ]

Five ways to green-up your home


Five simple tasks that will save you money and put a smile on your face. Seal all the gaps – those ‘sausage snakes’ for the front and back door just aren’t good for a craft project. In winter they trap the warm air and keep out the cold. Turn off unused switches – simple things [ Read More ]

Murray in a Hurry News Wrap up for 8 April

Murray in a Hurry :: News Summary

Tragedy in Brazil with twelve students killed in a school shooting rampage. Shocking news especially in light of talk in Australia of searching all students heading into schools. My major flaw with that approach is that with such large schoolyards it would be very hard to guard or secure all perimeter fence. Andrew Bolt – [ Read More ]

Five ways to handle a tantrum :: by Michael Grose


Tantrums come in various guises and have various names including wobblies, tanties and hissy fits to name a few.  They can be loud and noisy with lots of shouting and yelling. They can be quite physical when doors are slammed and objects thrown. And they can be silent kind that involves sulking, which can be [ Read More ]

Five ways to beat the Bed-time blues


Some children are experts at stretching bedtime out through procrastination and persistent cries of ‘ just five more minutes’. This battle at the end of the day is draining for parents and makes parenting life hard work. You need a plan. It may not always work, but a bed-time plan really helps you win the [ Read More ]

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