5 uses for a non working laptop

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I saw an article recently which showed things to do with a old laptop (that is still able to turn on). Ive got an old T-50 Thinkpad which was 4 years old ( a good age for a laptop) and eventually succumb to a over worked motherboard (with what i do to tech its no wonder). Here’s 5 ideas for things to do with a laptop which doesn’t even power on anymore.

1. A cutting board

The T-50 that I’m using has a very strong case (IBM’s used to be very good as far as durability goes) and makes the perfect cutting pad. Currently (in my spare time) I’m working on a 1.5 meter high Paper craft Castle which has all been cut on top of the T-50 and 700+ pieces are being stored in the T-50′s laptop bag.

2. Salvage parts for eBay

Its surprising how often i see this stuff listed, little things like even the keys from the keyboard are often very sought after by people who only have a small thing wrong with a laptop and don’t want to pay big bucks for a new one or expensive new components.  If i didn’t drop Tahini in the keyboard a few years ago id probably look at doing just that. Everything from removable CD drive, RAM memory sticks and even parts from the plastic case can be listed.

3. Imagination play

Remove the battery and you’ve got endless hours of fun for a child’s imagination. Remember to  make sure there’s no way for them to get hurt on any external parts first and make sure they know not to touch the working laptops afterwards. If you are feeling like an Adventure remove the LCD screen and load some paper in so they can draw their own screen.

4. Recycle/ Donate

With so many households now with multiple computers most local councils offer different options and methods for disposing of old tech. Websites such as http://www.computerbank.org.au is but one of many community groups trying to recycle and salvage what they can to rebuild basic computers as a form of “Tech Charity”. Just remember you cant just put old computers into the landfill bin and be sure to check on your local council website for options.

5. Objet D’art

From bookends to a display piece you can let your creative imagination run wild in creating an intriguing conversation piece. Even something as simple as converting the screen in a printed fake “blue screen of death” error message the possibilities are endless (you could even use it as a calendar).

Got a use that we didn’t cover? Send us your pictures or leave comments below to give us some ideas on how you have used your non working laptop.

  • http://axeldark-key.bandcamp.com Tabitha McCourt

    You can also use them to sit on. They make comfy portable folding chairs, like the ones in Japanese households. The deck of the laptop acts as a tactile interface and massage cushion for your buns. Hehe. It feels really good. Surprisingly a laptop is pretty sturdy to sit on even if it still works as long as you’re easy with it. I used my old one as a seat and I absolutely loved it. I hated when my parents took it from me. It just wasn’t right. There’s nothing wrong with sitting on it. It’s a perfect way to use it. Unlike traditional chairs, even the Japanese ones, you can fold it up and stick it in a drawer. Such a space saving idea too. It’s not crazy. I really would love to find a few old laptops to paint and decorate and re-purpose like this. It’s one of the few things that you can re-purpose without actually doing anything to it. Just because it doesn’t work does not mean it cannot still be useful. They’re really comfortable. Not to mention you can bounce up and down on the deck of the laptop and it feels like a squishy cushion. I love it!

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