5 top iPhone / iPad games for kids aged 5-8

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These 5 apps (games) have kept my kids (5 and 8) amused literally for hours.. of course not all at the same time… I usually (try!) to limit them to about 20 minutes at a time and about 3 times a day at the absolute most.

Where available, we always download the FREE version first so the kids can get a feel for the game. Then there comes a time when they say ‘can you PLEASE get the full version’. As the full versions are usually around $1.19, we will go for it. Sometimes our favourite game developers put out seasonal versions with whole different scenes to the games – like Angry Birds Seasons which has Halloween and Santa etc.

1. Angry Birds
2. Flight Control
3. Cut The Rope
4. NinJump
5. MX Mayhem
(bonus mentions. JellyCar and FaceGoo)

1. Angry Birds
iTunes Preview

LOVE, love, love this game – even for the sound effects alone… super cute little noises from the birds and the pigs. Premise : you have to catapult your birds in a slingshot in order to smash down the construction to get to the green pigs. The story goes :: the pigs stole the birds eggs and the birds have to get revenge.

If you do a great job, you get 3 stars for that level. If you do an OK job, you get 1 star. Doesn’t seem to matter whether you get 1 star or 3.. you can progress to the next level.

The game is not just entertaining, but you’ve got to determine your strategy in how far you will pull back the slingshot, on what angle.. and how many birds you will need to use to knock the structure down.

It is worthwhile Googling for a list of cheats for this game :: Do you know how IMPRESSIVE it is to a 6yr old when Mum/Dad can take over and do something like touch the bird while it is in flight and turn it into 3 birds which ALL knock the construction down? SUPER impressive, that’s how impressive!

I found this fantastic guide to all the birds and a bunch of walk through videos :: http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/iPhone/Angry+Birds+(iPhone)/feature.asp?c=20703

2. Flight Control
iTunes Preview

What is extra-cool about this game is that it’s designed by Aussies – a group called FireMint from Melbourne. This is just as addictive as Angry Birds.. in fact more addictive for adults I’ve found. Basically, there are a bunch of planes coming in for landing and your finger has to draw a flight path for them. The sky gets pretty crowded after a while and you’re landing many planes at once, including helicopters.

The graphics are a treat … quite retro and cool.

3. Cut The Rope
iTunes preview

This game took me about twice as long as my 5yr old to work out! And I am supposed to be the tech-savvy cool mum?? It is fantastic for co-ordination and the kids never seem to tire of it. Again, the graphics are astounding. There’s a little character who wants the candy and you’ve got to get it to him by cutting the correct rope at the correct time so the candy drops into his mouth.

iTunes Preview

Now, this one I just can’t watch.. let alone play. It gives me motion sickness! A funky little ninja runs up the walls of a building and each time you press the other side of the screen, he jumps to that building. You’ve got to jump from building to building in order to dodge the bad obstacles and catch the good ones. Progressing through the levels is the name of the game, as with most games. Totally addictive for the kids but I didn’t like it and I do find it hard to ‘watch me mummy!’

5. MX Mayhem
iTunes Preview

This game has never failed to extract an ‘oooohhhh!’ out of all ages.. including adults. It is so clever the way the man falls off his bike as you’re navigating him over the rough mountain terrain. You can control his speed and also whether he tilts forward/back and you can pick the guy up off his bike and fly him through the air before dumping him in a heap on the rocks.. not as gruesome as it sounds – it is super fun!

Bonus mentions :: Jelly Car and FaceGoo

What do you think? Would your top 5 look the same? Let me know if you can assist in creating a ’5 Top iPhone / iPad games for kids aged 9-12.

  • http://twitter.com/jasonbereklewis Jason Berek-Lewis

    Other great iPhone games are Tozzle (a puzzle app), ABC Match (where you find match letters) and Koi Pond (a simulated fish pond where you feed the goldfish).

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  • Anonymous

    Every time i play cut the rope i feel happy ^^ it’s a great game to pass the time, you should try it when you travel a long distance.
    if you want to get it straight to your smartphone for free, here you go :)

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